Faux Finish Painting Services

Faux finishing & Faux painting services provided to the Berthoud area since 2003

Most painting companies do not employ a staff that are trained in any artistic paint applications, but that is one of the unique attributes that puts Applied Coatings of Berthoud above the competition. Our design experts are highly skilled in numerous faux finish techniques to enhance any space with depth, texture and beauty. It takes talent and accuracy along with the correct tools and high quality products to achieve an artistic finish. 

There have been many methods created to mimic other materials with paint, from glazing to ragging to antiquing. Most faux finishes are designed to add texture and depth to a surface through the use of particular tools to apply multiple layers. It takes specialized training and experience to become proficient in achieving each desired effect with careful application and color mixing. Our staff has mastered the art of faux painting and can create any illusion you desire- be it granite countertops, Venetian plastered walls or antiquing your dining set!
Types of faux finishing services we specialize in:

  • Exterior Residedintial or Commercial painting of any surface such as wood, brick, metal, stucco or vinyl
  •  Antiquing or crackle finish
  • Granite, marble, fabric, leather and wood faux finishes
  • Rag, sponge and parchment glazing
  • Horizontal, vertical and gloss striping
  • Stippling or textured finishes
Our skilled artisans can apply a faux finish to practically any surface such as walls, cabinetry or other furniture and counter tops. Besides adding textural detail, our techniques can also be used to make a room feel bigger or add more dimension. Why just paint a room when you can create beautiful Faux Finish detail? We pride ourselves on our workmanship and top quality results but we are never finished with any project until our client is completely satisfied. We specialize in Faux finishing and Decorative painting services in Berthoud, Milliken, Johnstown, Mead, Longmont, Platteville, Loveland, and the Colorado Front Range area. If you are looking to add a faux finish anywhere in your home or business, contact our highly qualified contractors at Applied Coatings of Berthoud to see what beautiful effects we can produce!